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Omron Series Upper Arm BP Monitor-Device Comparison Chart

MODELBP710NBP742N BP760N BP761 BP785N BP786
AVERAGE AMAZON RATINGfour-and-a-half-star-ratingfour-and-a-half-star-ratingfour-and-a-half-star-ratingfour-and-a-half-star-ratingfour-and-a-half-star-ratingfour-and-a-half-star-rating
ADVANCED ACCURACYyesyesyesyesyesyes
MULTI-COLORED LIGHTSnonoyesyesyesyes
CUFF TYPE Wide-Range D-Ring (9 to 17 inches) Wide-Range D-Ring (9 to 17 inches) Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches) Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches) Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches) Easy-Wrap ComFit (9 to 17 inches)
2 USER MODEyesyesyesyesyesyes
MEMORY STORAGE 14100120120200200
BP LEVEL BARnoyesyesyesyesyes
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Blood Pressure Overview

High Blood pressure is a major risk for many heart diseases such as stroke. The incidence of this disease is increasing globally and it often appears without symptoms. It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. If left uncontrolled, high blood pressure may lead to various life threatening conditions. There are also many complications that may arise from high blood pressure including diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc. The quality of life is affected especially if the blood pressure is uncontrolled.

But, what causes high blood pressure? Some factors that trigger the occurrence of this disorder are the following: sedentary lifestyle, excessive sodium intake, diet, stress, and inadequate knowledge on how to monitor and control blood pressure. People who are obese and live a very sedentary lifestyle are at most risk for getting this illness. In some cases, it may also be hereditary.

How do medical doctors and other allied health professional diagnose this condition? Blood pressure is normally measured using a sphygmomanometer. The upper arm is wrapped in an inflatable cuff and a mercury or manometer shall measure the pressure. The first sound you can hear after the release of the bulb or pump is the systolic pressure, whereas the second pulse of sound is the diastolic pressure. Blood pressure lower than 140 mm/Hg is usually considered normal.

There are two types of sphygmomanometers; Manual which could either be Mercury or Aneroid and the Digital sphygmomanometer which is electronic, easy to operate and could be used by anyone even without training.

Product Summary

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors provide fast and accurate way of monitoring blood pressure. Its unique feature is “Intellisense” which makes it stand out among other brands of blood pressure monitors. Various Omron Blood Pressure reviews have proven that it is the most efficient and offers a comfortable way of monitoring blood pressure. Consumers could use it even without proper training.

The Omron 10 series has increased positive inputs from very fulfilled clients. What are the key features being discussed in every Omron 10 plus reviews? Listed below are the things you should be expecting from this device.

  • Microsoft Health.

Most of the Omron 10 plus reviews gives emphasis to the unique feature of this device, the Microsoft Health. It is a platform designed so that the user could store all his/her fitness information. Hence, a quick and easy monitoring using your device is very feasible.

  • Calibration Check System.

Another feature of this device is the accurate blood pressure reading by using calibration check system. There is a built in dual sensor to ensure that every reading would be double checked automatically. This would be extremely useful especially for beginners who intend to use the device at home.

  • Omron blood pressure cuffs.

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An accurate measurement of blood pressure entails meticulous selection of the blood pressure monitor accessories. Omron blood pressure cuffs are of superior quality. They are made of Intelli Wrap Cuff, which were specifically made to reduce incorrect blood pressure readings induced by wrong positioning of cuffs in the arms. The cuff is easy to use and can be put into your arm with just one hand, making blood pressure measurement easy and simple. One of the key feature of the Omron blood pressure cuff is its Intelli Wrap Cuff Measurement Zone that wraps in the arms completely. It prevents wrong positioning in the arm and reduces the risk of inaccurate blood pressure measurements.

  • Sharing is also one of the features that make this device stand out. It allows two users mode, wherein you could monitor and track two different users separately. The blood pressure monitor is capable of storing a total of 200 readings with date and stamp.
  • Another amazing feature of this device is the TruRead. It automatically takes three readings consecutively in three minutes and calculates the average for you. In addition, it has a program wherein you can easily view an eight weeks history of your readings. How awesome is that? This is the most convenient way of tracking and making sure that your blood pressure is under control.
  • Hypertension Indicator and Irregular Heartbeat icon.

The Omron blood pressure monitor also has a hypertension indicator icon that gives you warning whenever your reading exceeds normal blood pressure level. This is especially useful for beginners and non-medical practitioners who would like to monitor blood pressure readings even at home. Aside from the hypertension indicator, it also has an irregular heartbeat icon that checks your heartbeat and gives you notice should there be a need for you to consult a physician. This feature is very vital especially for those patients requiring strict monitoring and compliance to control their blood pressure.

Omron Series Comparison

The Omron 10 Series, BP785 and BP791IT are approximately 90% similar. The only feature that differentiates them is the Microsoft Health function. Omron BP791IT manual allows you to store health information using the Microsoft Health platform for years. On the other hand, the BP785 is not capable of storing data. Some prefer the Omron BP791IT especially if they want to have a good storage and an organized tracking of their blood pressure readings. Nevertheless, the choice on which among the Omron 10 series always relies on the needs of the user. Each individual’s needs and circumstances vary so a proper selection would be vital to ensure a satisfactory experience with this device.

We all live a fast-paced lifestyle. In our everyday hustle, we tend to neglect our health. The good old saying, “Prevention is always better than cure”, is always on point. High blood pressure is not exactly a disease. It can be controlled, even if most of the times, it doesn’t present any symptoms at all. The dangerous part is the complication that could arise if this condition would not be properly monitored and controlled.

The makers of Omron blood pressure help users to deal with high blood pressure in an easy and comfortable way. No need for proper training and no need for complicated procedures to follow. Just a few simple steps to help you efficiently monitor your health.

Invest in your health and it will pay you back with good results. Omron blood pressure monitors always give you your money’s worth.

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