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heart beat pulse flat icon for blood pressure aidBlood Pressure Aid is created to help individuals, young and old, to become aware of the causes of high blood pressure or hypertension, its negative effects, and most importantly, ways of how to combat this disease. This website is loaded with all the information that you need to fully understand high blood pressure. You can find links to eBooks and programs that offer step-by-step procedures on how to prevent high blood pressure as well as recipes that you can do right at the comfort of your home. There are also links to various brands of blood pressure machines.

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An Overview of Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is that force that moves blood around our circulatory system. The heart pumps out blood and creates the highest pressure. As blood flows through the body, the pressure varies as it enters through small arteries. A normal blood pressure must be maintained to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the different organs of the body. It also aids in the distribution of antibodies for our body’s immune system and hormones like insulin. However, blood pressure can become unhealthily high or low.

Image Property of Omron

Image Property of Omron

Hypertension or high blood pressure is identified as having a blood pressure higher than 140 over 90 mmHg. This condition can be attributed to lifestyle, lack of physical activity, alcohol intake, smoking and high-sodium diet, which are very common among fast food products. Having a high blood pressure can lead to many medical complications such as heart attacks, strokes or even blindness. Since the blood vessels are blocked, supplies are unable to reach the body organs like the heart, brain, and eyes. This causes these organs to stop functioning. And that’s when one suffers from heart attacks, strokes, or blindness.

The influx of technology has had a dire effect in today’s lifestyle. People move less often, which results to lesser physical activity. The word “stress” has also become common in our society. Most of these are work-related due to a fast-paced environment. Everything must be done in a snap of a finger.

An estimated 75 million people in the US have high blood pressure or hypertension. In a study conducted from 2011-2012, based on the number of people taking antihypertensive drugs and assessments on high blood pressure, a third of the population of people over the age of 20 have hypertension.

Controlling hypertension became a national concern in the US. In response to this alarming trend, the US government launched a project through the initiative of the Department of Health and Human Services. It was called Million Hearts. Million Hearts aims to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes by 2017 in the US.

The Good News

blood pressure protolHypertension is curable and can be prevented. With proper diet, exercise and a stress-free lifestyle, blood pressure can go back to normal levels. However, if you have a long-term case of high blood pressure, doctors recommend life-long medication.

While these medicines are proven effective, some have side effects on the body. People are searching for alternative ways to get rid of high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Protocol

This is an eBook that provides an extensive and holistic view of hypertension. Among the topics discussed are the main causes of high blood pressure and recommendations that will help alleviate this condition. An overview of how blood circulates in the body is also discussed here.

The Brilliant Minds Behind this Ebook

In an effort to help people who are suffering from high blood pressure, Dr. Miles Channing and David Riley came up with Blood Pressure Protocol. Dr. Channing is a hypertension specialist and a cardiologist while David Riley used to suffer from chronic and severe hypertension.

Exciting Offers

Dr. Channing revealed a list of miracle plants and herbs that are proven effective in lowering blood pressure. Plus, this eBook also comes with bonus books by Dr. Channing. First is the “Super Smoothie Bible.” It reveals the 17 smoothie recipes that will ease high blood pressure. The other one is the “Hypertension-Busting Recipe Guide.” It has 21 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are all appropriate for people suffering from hypertension.

This eBook will definitely equip readers with the right knowledge about hypertension and keeping at normal levels.

You can kiss your hypertension medicines goodbye and go for the natural way and spare yourself from medication side effects.

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Blood Pressure Monitors

Measuring blood pressure dates back to 1855. It is called sphygmomanometer, from the Greek word “sphygmo”, which means “pulse.”

BP readings consist of systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic reading is the higher pressure that originates from the heart while diastolic comes from the arteries and is the lower pressure.

Blood pressure machines have evolved. Digital blood pressure monitors are now available in the market. Individuals can monitor their BP reading at the comfort of their home. Some of the popular brands are Omron, LotFancy, AccuMed, LifeSource, Panasonic and Ozeri.

Among all these, Omron blood pressure monitor is the most commonly used by a lot of people. Aside from being known as the leader in manufacturing and distribution of personal wellness products, Omron is also committed to empowering individuals to be in-charge of their health at the comforts of their home with the help of precise technology.

“Your heart is your most important organ, and it’s a good idea to know how well it’s doing. With Omron home blood pressure checkers, you consistently get an accurate picture of your heart’s health.” 
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